My Mom was always learning something new and would quickly master everything she touched - from floral arranging to macrame to scrapbooking. Her love for “making” continued throughout her life and was lovingly passed on to me.

My mom had learned to sew at a very young age and loved making both practical and creative things. I was so grateful to have the luxury of beautiful clothing that actually fit my tall, skinny body, when nothing store-bought would. When I was young, my mom tried to teach me to sew, but I struggled and didn’t find the same joy as my mother, but she never gave up on me.

While raising my children, just like my mother, I was always doing something crafty. I painted wood items to sell in local boutiques; I loved scrapbooking so much that I purchased a scrapbook store; I worked in the craft industry and help develop a line of cardstock that is being sold all over the world; and eventually I owned my own fabric shop and fell madly in love with the beautiful colors surrounding me. My mom would be tickled knowing I finally found my own joy for sewing bubbling up too the surface.

Because of my journey, our children were exposed to a lifetime of creativity. All three daughters, Heidi, Hillary and Haley have inherited their Grandmother’s artistic talent. My oldest daughter Heidi, in particular, has always loved scrapbooking and has taught all over the country. She is also known for her creation of beautiful gift tags and other gift items. Now Heidi’s love is embroidery and she has been busy turning her own modern-day embroidery designs into patterns and kits.

Sew we are back! Introducing Lynny Lou Crafts - Heidi and I will be making patterns and selling fabric, embroidery kits and fabric kits online. We are excited to be working together, doing what we love, reconnecting with old friends, and making some new. After all, we have another generation of crafters who want to learn to make beautiful things - and we are sure that you do, too.

Our Name I was born Martha Lynn. When I was little my dad lovingly called me “Marti Lou.” When my first daughter was born she was named Heidi Lynn, but because of my dad, my nickname for her became “Lynny Lou.” It wasn’t until my younger daughter, Haley Lou was born that this very special name, Lou, was officially added to the family tree.